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Welcome to the new McKinney Uptown Tech Amenity!

At McKinney Uptown, we strive to continually improve our community by bringing you the best amenities available.


In partnership with Cottonwood Residential’s Tech Amenity program and Spectrum, we are pleased to provide you with an exclusive high-speed internet and cable package.


New Provider: We have partnered with Spectrum, which recently acquired Time Warner Cable, for high-speed wireless internet and TV.
New Tech Amenity: Our partner, Tech Amenity, will provide their service to all residents for only $75 per month. Service charges will be paid in addition to rent.
How to Enroll: Come to the management office for more information and to sign up.



Top Speeds: Each apartment will enjoy top-of-the-line high-speed wireless and wired internet access, up to 300 Mbps download speed.
Equipment: No modem or router required!



Channels Included: You’ll have Spectrum’s “Select” channel lineup (130+ channels), plus HBO free for 12 months!
Equipment: One free HD Set Top box.
Quality Service: Dedicated U.S. based 24/7 customer service.
More Available: Additional services and upgrades available through Spectrum.


To successfully provide you with seamless Wi-Fi, wired internet, and cable, we will need to access each apartment home three times over the course of the community-wide installation. We will notify you 48 hours in advance prior to entering your apartment. As the installation progresses, you will receive periodic updates via email. You can also check this site for additional updates and project milestones. We anticipate the install taking approximately 90 – 120 days.

Project Launch
December 14
Install Begins
January 8
Enrollment Event
February 7
Preparing Your Home
Home Stretch
Connection Complete
Summer 2018
  1. Project Launch: The Tech Amenity is announced!  We have a Tech Amenity support line for you to call at 888-784-6867 where you can ask questions and find out details on the install.
  2. Install Begins: You are now one step closer to faster Wi-Fi! We are now pre-wiring each building and apartment to support the new Tech Amenity. This will be the 1st entry needed into each apartment home.
  3. Enrollment Event: Let the good times roll! Come enjoy a fun event, learn more about the new service, ask questions, and get to know your Tech Amenity reps.
  4. Preparing Your Home: We are visiting each apartment to test and connect the new ethernet ports! This will be the 2nd entry needed into each apartment home.
  5. Home Stretch: Eyes on the prize! We are now completing the final installation of the wireless access points. This will be the 3rd and final entry needed into each apartment home.
  6. Connection Complete: Time to log on! Look out for an email with your unique set of Wi-Fi credentials and instructions for the new network. A Tech Amenity rep is available at our community to assist and answer any questions you have.


How do I sign up?

To sign up for the new Tech Amenity and take advantage of the available incentives, come to the management office to e-sign the Tech Amenity addendum. The charges will not begin until after your complimentary month of free service after project completion.

What does the Tech Amenity service provide?

The Tech Amenity service provides an exclusive high-speed internet and cable package. This package includes up to 300 Mbps wired and wireless internet, the Spectrum Select channel lineup, plus HBO free for 12 months. You will also receive a complimentary HD Set Top box, dedicated U.S. based customer service, and access to additional services and upgrades through Spectrum.

I am already a Spectrum customer. How am I affected?

Residents who are current Spectrum customers will be required to transition to the new Tech Amenity. Once the new service is live, the Tech Amenity will show up as a monthly charge on your resident ledger from McKinney Uptown.

Do I need to cancel my current services through Spectrum?

No, there is no need to cancel your current Spectrum service. When the project is complete, your billing through Spectrum will automatically adjust. You will need to return your cable modem to your local Spectrum store to avoid further charges.

How do I receive my free HD Set Top box?

To receive your free HD Set Top box, please visit your local Spectrum store. You will be asked to create an account to associate the HD Set Top box with your apartment. If you are a current Spectrum customer, you may keep your existing Set Top Box.

How do I get a DVR box or additional equipment?

Any additional services (i.e. DVR box) from the initial provided set by Spectrum will be an additional cost. This will be a direct cost between the resident and Spectrum. You can add a DVR and additional services from Spectrum at your local Spectrum store, or by calling 1-855-895-5302.

If I am not a Spectrum customer what are my options?

Option 1.) If you have services from a provider other than Spectrum, and would like to cancel those services to take advantage of the new offering, you may do so! If you are required to pay a cancellation fee from your current provider, bring evidence of the charge to the management office and we will reimburse the cancellation fees. Contact the management office for full details.

Option 2.) Keep your existing service provider through the end of your current lease. The Tech Amenity charge is required for new leases or upon renewal for current residents. If you wait until your renewal, the monthly charge will automatically start at the beginning of the renewal period.

What if I need a direct or hardline connection?

Each apartment will have one ethernet port installed for direct connections at speeds up to 300 Mbps.

When will the Wi-Fi and cable be up and running?

The installation will take 3-4 months. Come back to this site to check the timeline for the latest project updates.

I have Spectrum service currently. How do I avoid losing service once the Tech Amenity goes live?

In order to keep cable/internet service you must sign the Tech Amenity addendum. By doing so, your current Spectrum account will transition over to the new Spectrum service through the property.

How do I sign on to the internet once the project is complete?

If you have signed the Tech Amenity addendum you will be given your own unique username and password that will allow you to log in to the new service. You will have to sign in one time on each device with your unique username and password.

When do I need to start paying the $75 Tech Amenity charge?

The $75 Tech Amenity charge will take effect 30 days after the Tech Amenity goes live.

Is the network secure?

Yes. When you sign into your network, only devices you register with your credentials will be authenticated and authorized to use the network. Devices in your personal group will be able to communicate with each other, but no other user on the network will be able to “see” your devices.

Can I add MAC addresses for my devices?

You will be able to call the Spectrum 24/7 Support Line (1-855-895-5302) to add any MAC addresses for devices on your VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network).

I currently have phone service with Spectrum, what will happen to the service?

You can keep your phone service with Spectrum. You will receive a separate monthly bill from Spectrum for the phone service and cable modem rental.

Will I be able to make VoIP calls with the Tech Amenity?

Yes, you are able to contract a VoIP service such as Vonage, or any other VoIP provider, and plug the device into the provided ethernet port to connect.




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